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Real Estate Broker Referral

Let us be your Resource in Property Management

Wait...the $250.00 is for just one unit? You will get an additional $100.00 for each additional unit that landlord/investor signs up with us. If you refer us a landlord with 5 units that is a $650.00 Referral Fee total.

We GUARANTEE to Return The Referred Client Back to the Referring Realtor® When That Referred Client Sells.

At GC Realty & Development, we provide a variety of services including full service property management, marketing, tenant screening, repairs and innovative technology in the Chicagoland area.

We strive to offer common sense property management solutions using the most modern techniques available.

Use the form to the right to refer a client for property management services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Referral Program

  • How can I show a property you have listed for rent?

    All of our available rental properties are listed on the MLS. Please follow the showing instructions to schedule the appointment.
  • I have a client that has been approved to lease and is moving into one of your properties. Do I have to be present when they sign paperwork or move in?

    You do not have to be present at the execution of the lease or the move-in. Our property managers oversee these tasks. It would be noted at application time that you were the Real Estate Broker for the tenants.
  • I have a client that would like to apply for one of your properties. What is involved in the application process?

    GC Realty & Development runs credit, criminal and eviction background checks on all adult applicants/guarantors. Each adult applicant/guarantor over the age of 18 is required to submit an application to be considered for our rental properties. Applicants can apply and submit an electronic application on this website. A $50 application fee per adult applicant/guarantor is due at the time the application is submitted. In addition to the online application and fee, the following items are to be submitted by each adult applicant/guarantor: copy of valid driver’s license/photo ID, copies of three (3) most recent pay stubs or a copy of most recent 1099 (in the event of self-employment), an employment offer letter (in the event of relocating to the area and/or beginning new employment), if currently renting three (3) most recent cleared rent checks from current residence, proof of income from other sources, and clear color picture of any pets.
  • I referred a tenant / property. When can I expect to receive my commission?

    Referral commissions are disbursed within 5 business days of the tenant taking occupancy of the rental property.
  • If clients I refer to you later decide to buy a home or sell their home, am I guaranteed to be their Real Estate Broker?

    GC Realty & Development GUARANTEES to return the referred client back to the referring REALTOR when the client decides to sell. Our goal is to help you strengthen your relationship with your client. In the meantime, you can rest assure that we will take good care of your clients and their property.
  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions on referring properties or clients to GC Realty & Development?

    You may call our office at 630-587-7400 x 601 during business hours to speak with a member of our staff or a property manager.
  • I am a real estate sales focused REALTOR interested in releasing my small rental management portfolio, but I need a reliable company to manage them going forward. Is this something of interest by your company?

    GC Realty & Development is always looking to expand its inventory of rental properties. We would be very excited to sit with you and discuss options for moving your rental inventory under our management. We believe in Win-Win situations and that is how we approach opportunities such as this one, so further compensation to you will be discussed as part of the management. We understand that real estate sales is your primary career and that it requires your time and focus. Allow us to remove the obstacle of rental management from your increased sales opportunities.

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