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GC Property Standards

GCR&D takes pride in providing a quality product to our residents as part of delivering The GC Realty Experience. As the investor and main stake holder, this should be important to you as well. If a resident is happy, then the likelihood of lease renewal is higher. Following this standard also creates expectations and reduces risk of disputes by all parties involved.

The GC Property Standards™ is broken down into 3 key pillars. Functional, Safety, & Clean and all condition standards will fall into one of these 3 buckets:

Adding Value Vs Needing to Repair - As an investor these two concepts often get confused but understanding the difference can increase the value of your tenant and your investment.

Below we will breakdown Functional, Safety, & Clean as you might be able to relate to how this applies in your property.



Washer & Dryer





Ceramic Tile


Light Bulbs / Fixtures

Items Left Behind By Owner or previous resident


Closet Doors



Other Interior Items


Functional Exceptions - Exceptions are few under the functional column because if it is there it should work correctly and be available for the resident. Exceptions may become required disclosures and this will require that they are tested by the GC team member completing the rent ready walk thru.

  1. Hot  Tub  Jets  -  Some  old  tubs  may  have  jets  that  no  longer work

  2. Fireplaces  -  They  may  be  in  place  for  cosmetic  reasons  but  disclosed  prior  to  lease being signed

  3. Bathroom  Exhaust  Missing  -  They  don't  have  to  be  installed  but  must  have  a  window  that opens.

  4. Bathtub  chips  -  a  couple  of  small  chips  may  not  require  a  full  refinish  of  a  tub  but  if  any matching bathroom tub ceramic paint is available we should utilize that option.

  5. Ice  Maker  -  If  ice  maker  exists  and  doesn't  work  or  there  is  no  connection  to  water  this must be disclosed


Safety Exceptions - There are no exceptions


Paint When a Wall(s) Need To be Painted:

  1. Can’t be wiped clean

  2. Holes  in  wall  from  anything  hanging  including  TV  brackets  and  pictures  that  have  been removed

  3. Wear  and  tear  that  will  affect  the  leasability  of  the  unit

  4. When  a  maintenance  technician  suggests  per  Rent  Ready  Walk  Painting  System  of Recording*

Paint Colors:

    • Walls - Kilim Beige(SW6106) / Nimbus(SW1465) / Color match**

    • Trim - Trim default semi glossy white

Paint Exceptions

  1. Minimal  Holes  in  walls  -  If  less  than  10  locations  in  the  house  and  smaller  then  picture nail and no plans to paint then leave it.

  2. TV  Brackets  -  Do  not  remove  them  from  the  wall  unless  there  is  a  plan  to  paint  that room.

  3. Curtain  Rod  Brackets  -  Do  not  remove  them  from  the  wall  unless  there  is  a  plan  to  paint that room.

Vacant Unit Cleaning Expectations (Hotel Room Clean)

Common Issues: The cleaners need to use the correct cleaning products for the item they are cleaning. Glass cleaner should not be used to polish stainless steel. Degreasers and scrubbers are needed.

Wiping Vs Scrubbing: There is a difference between wiping something down and scrubbing it until it’s clean.

Entire Home



Items Needed:

Commonly Missed Items By Cleaning Crews

Common Area & Exterior Cleaning Expectations - For apartment buildings it is just as important to keep the common areas clean as it is the vacant units. Below is what is expected when it comes to keeping the property tidy.

Unit Cleaning Exceptions - There are no exceptions

Landscape Upkeep

Single Family Home - For a SFH the resident is typically responsible for lawn and snow removal but at turnover the PM must decide if any brush & tree work is needed in the form of a Spring or Fall cleanup scope of work. If we have residents be accountable for the lawn, then we must turn the property over to them in a way that they can do their part and the yard look good still.

If a SFH has heavy brush or more then 300 SF of plant beds it may be smarter to have GC hire a service and charge back the resident for lawn service to keep up the yard monthly vs just with a seasonal cleanup.

Multi Unit Building - This will fall on the GC to set up seasonal service and through the PMs property walks and maintenance visits to document and need additional services.

Properly Landscaped Property at Turnover

We hope that this comprehensive list of guidelines provides and serves as a unified understanding among clients, residents, and GCR&D team members regarding properties that are managed by our firm.