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We Buy Property Management Accounts!

Realtors or Property Management Owners

We Buy Property Management AccountsAre you a Property Manager running your own company or a real estate broker managing properties on the side for your investor clients?  If so then we will buy those Property Management accounts from you today.  

Maybe you have grown to a point that it is no longer a side hustle or you only got into this as small favors here and there for your best clients and now you want out.  Don't just fire your clients, set them up with a local reputable Property Manager and get paid on the way out.  

Reach out today by filling out the form on this page or emailing Mark Ainley at  All conversations and emails are 100% confidential and we are happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) before any real important details are shared.  But before we get to the point of sharing specific details, and using an NDA, we can have a simple conversation about where you are at and what you are looking to do. 

Whether you have 1 door or 1000 doors we want to talk to you about how we can create a Win / Win / Win scenario for the property owner, yourself, and GCR&D.  

Look forward to hearing from you!